Welcome to the Winter Holiday House

We are a house in Santa Clara, CA featuring a computer controlled, animated display with over 23,000 LED lights choreographed to 16 different holiday songs.


  • 23,000 Lights (22,500 LED/500 Incandescent)
  • 4,400 Computer Controlled Channels
  • 16 Musically Choreographed Sequences (2014 Playlist)
  • Only 19 amps power usage with all lights on
  • Radio broadcasted sound on 92.9 FM

New For 2014

We have added several new things in 2014. Below is a list of the new items.

  • We have added my daughter's favorite song, Let It Go, from the Frozen sound track.
  • Converted the mini trees from standard string LED's to RGB (color changing) LED's.
  • Added 300 Pixels to the gutters of the house.
  • 4000 lights now run off only 5 volts of electricity
  • 3000 lights now run off only 12 volts of electricity

How It Started

I started with a string or two of lights on the house for the holidays after my kids were born. Each year I added another element or two to the static display. My initial motivation came from my son, as he was always fascinated by our holiday lights and kept wanting me to put more lights up. In 2009, I added more static elements and an inflatable Santa Clause flying a helicopter on the roof.